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Terms & Conditions : Key Points 

  1. Sound : Exhibitor will not use any speaker and will keep the discussion within 50 decibels. This is to facilitate discussion on all stalls.
  2. Occupation of the Stall : The stand has to be occupied by the exhibitor before 10 am on 11th October 2022.Exhibitor staff has to be present in the stall during exhibition hours. If found empty, Organiser reserves the right to allot the same to others. + You will not be considered for participation in the forthcoming events.

  3. Counter sell : No items should be sold in the exhibition stall. The space has to be used only for display of products and discussion.

  4. Scope of Display : The stall should display and promote only the products & services specified in the application.

  5. Sharing space : The stall should not be sublet to anyone. If found, Exhibitor will be asked to vacate the stall with immediate effect.

      Please note, these are guidelines in brief. For complete terms & conditions, please refer to the document          below. In case of any dispute this document will be referred.

Terms & Conditions :
  1. Space Booking and Location:

    1. The layout will be shared based on your booking sequence. 

    2. The exhibitors are expected to select the location and communicate the same on email within 24 hours. In case the exhibitors fail to communicate the same within 24 hours, the revised space options will be shared later. After formal confirmation, the exhibitor cannot change its location. 

    3. GSTIN : If the GSTIN is not shared at the time of space booking and online process, KISAN is not responsible to change or revise the Invoice.

    4.  Space request confirmation will be subject to the information including images shared by the exhibitor. KISAN organizing committee has the right to approve / refuse the space requisition if the products are not aligned with KISAN*Biz.

    5.  Invoice will be sent in the digital format only, by KISAN at the registered email id shared by the exhibitors at the time of space confirmation. 

  2. Reservation, Cancellation & Refund:

    1. The location selected by the exhibitor will be considered final only after receiving 100% advance deposit

    2. Part payments are not accepted. 

    3. The deposit fee is non-refundable. Exhibitors agree and understand that KISAN shall not be liable and responsible for any refund or claims, incase of cancellation of the space by the exhibitor.

    4.  In case the Exhibition is canceled or postponed by KISAN :

    5.  Exhibitors have an option to carry forward the amount to the next edition of KISAN*Biz or adjust the same in any other event organized by KISAN.

    6. KISAN will strictly follow all SOPs and adhere to covid protocols suggested by the Govt. to organize the exhibition on the ground. 

    7. Incase of Force Majeure or if govt cancels the permission to host the exhibition 5 days prior or later to the exhibition date KISAN is not liable to refund the advance fee. 

  3. Stand Design Approval / Height Guidelines :

    1. The exhibitors are not allowed to do the stand construction. KISAN*Biz has only Octonorm stands . Exhibitors can stick flex or promotional banners on the octonorm panels. No fixing or nails or cutting of panels is allowed.

    2. Sides or walls, which are facing the aisles, should not be blocked. Wall, if any, along the aisles should not carry any projections, on the side facing the aisles. No branding can be done on the side facing the other/adjoining stall.

    3. Support : No external support should be taken.

    4. Storage / Unused Material : Exhibitors are not allowed to dump their storage / unused material nearby or outside the allocated space. The material should be properly packed in cartons and placed in covered space inside the exhibiting space.

    5. Support : No external support should be taken. All supporting structures should be part of space.

    6.  Storage / Unused Material : Exhibitors are not allowed to dump their storage / unused material nearby or outside the allocated space. The material should be properly packed in cartons and placed in covered space inside the exhibiting space. 

  4. Venue Coordination :

    1. Participation & Authorization Letter

    2. Participation Letter: The exhibitors can take a print of their participation letter from the exhibitor dashboard. This is required for transit of goods, every vehicle should carry a separate participation letter copy.

    3. Authorization Letter: The service agency needs to show the hard copy of the Authorization Letter on exhibiting company’s letterhead to KISAN ground team. They will get the possession of the space on showing the Authorization letter. The Authorization Letter will be auto-sent to the registered email id on submission of Venue Co-ordination form.

  5. Possession of space

    1. The space will be offered to the exhibitors at 7 am on 11-Octobet 2022.

    2. - The stall must be occupied by the exhibitor on 11-October, before than 10 am.

    3. Exhibitor staff has to be present in the stall during exhibition hours. If found empty, Organiser reserves the right to allot the same to others. + You will not be considered for participation in the forthcoming events

  6. Gate Pass for entry :
    Gate Pass is mandatory for taking any exhibits/items in/out of the venues. The Gate pass would be available only after getting all formalities completed.

  7. Vehicle Entry : 

    1. Vehicles will be allowed to enter the premises only before 9 am on 11-October. 

    2. Vehicle Time Entry : 11 October & 12 morning 6 am - 9 am, evening 7 pm - 10 pm.

  8. Exhibitor Badges :

    1.  Each company will get unique NON-Transferable badges for its exhibitors. The number is based on their Space booked. The badges can be made online from the exhibitor dashboard. Prior booking of badges will help exhibitors save time and effort at the venue. The last date for issuing online badges is 05-October 2022.
      The exhibitor badges can be made at the reception at the venue from 9 am to 6 pm.

    2. For the duration of the Fair, each exhibitor receives a specific number of exhibitor badges for their space, as per their booked area. Additional Exhibitor badges are available online. Exhibitor badges are intended solely for individual use only and are strictly NON-transferable.  In case of abuse, KISAN FORUM is entitled to withdraw the exhibitor badge. 
      Entry to the fairground is not permitted without the Exhibitor’s Badges.

  9. Fair Catalogue (Digital) : 
    KISAN*Biz fair catalogue will be published digitally on web and mobile app. Exhibitors must update their Digital profile at the exhibitor dashboard.

  10. Extra Furniture :

    1. Standard furniture is provided in the stands. The exhibitors can book extra furniture from the exhibitor dashboard before 05-October 2022.

    2. Onsite orders are subject to availability. 

  11. Greenpasses :
    The exhibitors can invite their guests and team members to visit KISAN*Biz. They can issue greenpass for their esteemed guests from their exhibitor dashboard. The online greenpass quota can’t be exchanged against printed passes

  12. General Terms :

    1. The exhibitors are requested to ensure all their exhibits are approved by KISAN, before getting them to the Venue.

    2. Only the agreed exhibits may be displayed. Exhibits may be removed subject to permission from the KISAN.

    3. The Organizer KISAN Forum Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to remove from the exhibition grounds the goods of an exhibitor immediately, who may contravene any of the rules or regulation in force.

    4. The Exhibitors shall be solely responsible for the safety of the material and personnel deployed at the Venue during the exhibition period.

    5. In no event shall organizers be liable for any indirect, incidental, punitive or consequential damages (including without limitation, lost or corrupted data, loss of profits or savings, loss of business or other economic loss) arising out of or related to these terms and conditions provided hereunder.

    6. The Exhibitors shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Organisers and its directors, officers, and employees from and against all third-party claims, damages, liabilities, costs, and expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees and other legal expenses, arising directly from or indirectly from or in connection with any misrepresentation, negligence,  or wrongful act of the Exhibitors, contractors, assistants, employees, representatives or agents, any failure of the Exhibitors to perform their obligations in accordance with the terms and conditions for the Exhibition, all applicable laws, rules, and regulations, or  any violation or claimed violation of a third party’s rights resulting in whole or in part from the Exhibitors Pavilion at the Exhibition.

    7. Governing law and jurisdiction:  The terms and conditions shall be governed by laws of India and the civil courts in Pune, Maharashtra shall have jurisdiction for any disputes arising therefrom.

    8. Exhibitors must occupy the space allotted before 10 am on 11-October 2022 or else the organizers reserve the right to re-allot the space.

    9. The Organizers reserve the right, to reallocate or resize spaces under special circumstances. The organizers also reserve the right to cancel booking approved on basis of misleading or false information, or if the requirements for participation (rental charges are not received in full on the mentioned dates prior to the event) are no longer met by the applicant.

    10. The exhibitors are responsible for the setting up of their structures, maintenance during the event and the dismantling after the event.

    11. No audio, music systems & PA systems are allowed in the stall. Any complaint received will result in termination of such display.

    12. Exhibits must be positioned/displayed/demonstrated such that they will not intrude into the gangway / public space or cause hazard to visitors / other Exhibitors.

    13. Any exhibitor process, which generates noxious or toxic fumes, or smoke of any kind, is strictly prohibited. Also, no fuel or inflammable material is allowed in the exhibition premises.

    14. All stand designs are expected to be ready before 10 am on 11-October 2022. Also dismantling of the displays will not be allowed before the closing time on the last day of the exhibition, i.e 12-October 7 pm. Exhibitors are only permitted to distribute brochures or other advertising material from within their own stand. The display, distribution or presentation in any form outside the demarcated area is prohibited.

    15. The general cleaning of the venue is the responsibility of the organizers.  Cleaning of individual stalls & exhibits is the responsibility of the exhibitors. Such cleaning should be done every day prior to the opening of the event.

    16. Before Exhibition starts, Exhibitors should dump waste in the designated dumping yard, shown in the map.

    17. Security : While all reasonable steps for the protection of property and exhibits are taken, including the employment of private security officers, the organizer do not by regulations governing the exhibition, accept any responsibility for loss of or damage to the exhibitors or contractor’s properties within the exhibition grounds.

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